Solar Return Course in English

01 Solar Return

 1. What is this course about?

The Solar Revolution, also called Solar Return, is a Chart calculated for the moment the Sun returns to its exact Natal Chart degree. This happens annually. It should be calculated to analyse trends for the year ahead.


2. Content details

This Solar Return course presents new interpretation techniques: the geographic relocation issue, the Return Chart itself, as well as compared to the Natal one. Learn Traditional Astrology fundamental techniques that are little-known or applied today, but proven to be highly effective. This course will renew your ideas and give you more credibility when analysing Solar Returns. In addition, you'll learn other advanced techniques on how to find specific dates for predictions by looking at a Solar Return Chart. The Solar Return course comprises 10 Chapters, covering detailed approaches to this indispensable Traditional Astrological technique.

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3. Objectives - What will I learn?

The Solar Return course aims to present possibilities of the year ahead, based on the moment the Sun returns to its Natal position. There are several different options on how to calculate a Solar Return. These variations will also be discussed. The focus of the course is on interpretation. The interpretation examples given cannot be found in any other traditional or electronic publications.


4. Professional benefits

When Astrologers do a Solar Return for their clients, they are presenting an overview for the year ahead. Many clients see it as a Birthday Gift for themselves, sometimes referring it as Solar Revolution, given its importance and accuracy. The Solar Return course gives you the necessary techniques for you to present the predictive work, for the year ahead, more accurately.


5. Registration and payment method (PayPal)

Payments are made through the PayPal system. All payments are made in international currency (US$). PayPal will convert your currency to US$. You do not need to have a PayPal account to pay for the course, just go to the PayPal website by following our link, and make the payment in the way that best suits you. PayPal accepts multiple payment methods. Each course is paid separately. Your payment is final and there are no refunds after payment has been made. After payment, you will have full access to the course for a period of three months.


6. Course duration and access

By enrolling in each course, you will have a three-month period of full course access. It is possible to purchase an extension to continue accessing the course, after its three-month validity. However, this duration provides enough time for you to see, review, complete all activities and receive support for your learning.

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